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We welcome contributions or guest bloggers. By writing for Info By Yago, you’ll tell your own story, help others, change lives and reach an enormous audience for yourself or your brand.

Now, some DOs and DON’Ts:

  • 700- 1500 Words accepted
  • Articles must not are published anywhere else, online or offline. This includes your personal blog.
  • Write in your own voice: How would you explain your idea to an honest friend?
  • Include a minimum of one photo. Your photo should be large enough(1000×800), well lit, and not stolen from other websites.
  • If your article may be a step-by-step instruction, one picture for each step is important.
  • Come up with a title that grabs users’ attention. Ask yourself: how will reading this text make someone’s life better? What problem does it solve?
  • Keep your opening short, preferably but 70 words (no one likes long intros). Does the primary sentence make the reader want to continue?
  • Source all claims and statements. If you mention a study, fact, statistic, confirm to link to the first source.
  • You can place one link to your own website/profile page within the article.
  • Avoid promotional information or promotional links or affiliate links within the post. .
  • To submit, email us at
  • Summary 125 -130 Character
  • Any relevant images for your post. (Send as separate files, not pasted into a doc.) Send only images that you simply own.
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