Every day 5 winners will be chosen to guess the price and win the product.

guess the price and win product

Shopping Sites bring an excellent opportunity to earn some extra bucks and dive into some fun with your peers or family. This is an exciting ‘Guess the Price and Win the Product’ contest. On the contest page, you will find various products like electronics, fashion, home&livining, and their prices will not be listed.

If you guess the exact price of the product, you can win it for free from us. They will select 5 winners each day and give them the product absolutely free as their winning prize.

This is a fun opportunity to test your guessing skills and also indulge in a healthy competition with your family members or friends. The product’s price will not be the exact MRP but of a price (lesser than the M.R.P.) The person who guess the price exactly will considered final.

The winners will be announced randomly and select any five winners from the list. The team’s decision will be final and there is no scope of the argument. Kindly adhere to the rules and play the game with us in a fun spirit.

Every month Dikazo brings such exciting competitions for our loyal customers to keep you all hooked to our platform, to generate thrill and excitement, and to enable the lucky few to get some bonus rewards. Dikazo is forever dedicated to customers benefits and this is proof.

They give a shout-out to all our customers to let everyone know about this exciting game and be a part of it. You never know, you might be the lucky winner guessing the price of the product in the exact figure. These prices have been decided beforehand. So, come and ring in the New Year bells with some excitement and fun.

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