The Complete Guide to Shopping for Groceries Online

guide to shopping for groceries online

The Complete Guide to Shopping for Groceries Online

Online shopping has made it very convenient for each one of us to get our daily needs sitting at home. But, when it comes to grocery shopping online, many of us tend to make a few mistakes. To ensure that you shop groceries online like a pro and avoid making mistakes, here is a detailed guide.

Online Grocery Shopping Tips

  • Be Flexible with your Brands

Do not get stuck on your preferred brand of a grocery item always. There might be another brand that is equally good and available on a better deal. If your preferred brand is out of stock, do check the reviews of other similar brands. This helps you complete your shopping list without having to wait for the restocking of your preferred brand.

  • Order Early

Do not wait until the last moment to order your groceries. If you have a list, just start adding them to your cart, and then when you have added all the items to your cart, click on place order. You can schedule delivery within 2 days instead of the next day as this will help you save money. You can also earn some extra bonus points by agreeing to tip the delivery boy.

  • Compare prices of the same groceries on different apps

Never place your grocery order before cross-checking the prices with other apps. Some apps may be offering better deals on the overall cart value, while some may be offering free deliveries. You might be in for a pleasant shock to see how cheap some apps are offering.

  • Check whether the grocery app has a hotline before you place the order

Sometimes, after placing the order, you might want to change the delivery scheduled date or you might want to change the items or the quantity. It will be helpful if the app has a hotline where you can speak and make changes to your grocery list.

  • Check for a Delivery Subscription Fee

You might be paying for delivery every time when you could easily wave that off by paying a one-tip delivery fee by subscription. Many apps offer this subscription where you just have to pay once for unlimited or monthly deliveries. 

  • Do not miss the coupons and codes

Check for coupons and codes before you make your final payment. Some apps have an ‘apply coupon’ option in the end where you proceed to checkout, while some send coupons to your emails. These might help you save handsomely.

  • Shop Early

Some items like bread, dairy, meat, and vegetables are stocked early in the morning. So, if you shop early, there are chances of you getting the best and freshest produce in your grocery basket. So, if you have added other items to your list in the daytime, remember to shop for dairy, fruits, and vegetables early in the morning and then quickly place your order.

These are some useful tips for grocery shopping online. Next time you are ready for online shopping, check the groceries at Flipkart, Jiomart, Grofers. We have the freshest products which are thoroughly and continually checked for freshness, quality, and expiry dates. When you shop from Bigbasket, you can get groceries the same day if you reside in Hyderabad. You can expect deliveries within 2 to 3 days elsewhere. 

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