The Unthinkable: What If Air Conditioners Never Invented?

Have you thought about What would the world be like if air conditioners had never been invented? It’s an interesting thought, since AC units have become so common that most of us don’t give them a second thought. We just turn on the air conditioning when we want to cool off and call it a day. But what if that wasn’t an option? What if we had to live without this amazing invention? How would people cope with excessive heat during hot summer months?

Introduction: Life without Air Conditioners

It’s hard to imagine life without air conditioning. You wouldn’t be able to sleep, work or even exist in your home during scorching summer days if AC units had never been invented. 

But what would we do if AC units never existed? How would people live a comfortable life during unbearable summer heat waves? The purpose of today’s post is to answer these questions and examine how our lives would change if AC units were never invented.

1. Fans

In hot weather, we can turn on fans to help us cool down. Fans can blow air around in our home or outside when we are going for a walk. In addition, they are safe and cost less than air conditioners.

2. Stay inside

When temperatures get really high, stay inside where it’s cooler and don’t go outside until it gets cooler in your area. 

3. Drink water

Drink lots of water to stay hydrated even when you aren’t thirsty because as you drink more water your body is able to cool itself off better as it doesn’t sweat as much if you aren’t dehydrated. 

4. Eat light meals during daytime hours

During lunchtime or during night time hours, eat light meals that contain proteins such as fish since these proteins will not cause your body temperature to spike up quickly like red meat would do in similar conditions. 

5. Go outdoors early in morning and late at night

At those times when it isn’t very hot but warm enough to go outside especially after sunset, have fun by playing sports with friends outdoors early before work and late at night after work so that you enjoy spending time with them while staying away from very high temps while doing so.

6. Evaporative cooling technology

Evaporative cooling works by transferring heat from a substance to a gas. You can see it in action in your car’s radiator, where cold water releases its heat through steam as it flows through. 

In an evaporative cooler, wet pads or screens sit atop a series of fans that blow air over them, removing heat and lowering temperatures. These devices are cheap and easy to maintain, they just require regular changes of water or ice.


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Although they aren’t as efficient as refrigerated air conditioning systems, which can cool around 15 degrees Fahrenheit (8 degrees Celsius) below outside temperature, these systems are best for dry climates and provide optimal cooling if left running for long periods at a time.

7. Clothing choices

On hot summer days, it is important to have cool clothes and accessories. We should wear a lighter shirt, shorts and cool shoes, so that we can find our cool in hot summers. 

cool clothes and accessories

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These light clothes are perfect for all seasons because they do not become wet due to sweat or rain water and if dry easily. You can use a dryer to dry these clothes quickly as compared to normal cotton based clothes which take hours to get dried.


Nothing in history has come close to making life easier for us during summer than air conditioners. When they were first introduced, they were almost entirely reserved for large industrial and commercial buildings like factories. As time went on, more and more households got them. To some people, it might seem that without air conditioning our lives would be harder. Without air conditioning, we’d have to cool our homes naturally, through leaving doors open and windows shuttered in order to let as much of the outside breeze in as possible, as well as by hanging wet towels and sheets around our rooms. But with a little creativity, we can survive most summers just fine without AC!

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