Top 5 Reasons People Subscribe to Online Streaming Websites

Top 5 Reasons People Subscribe to Online Streaming Websites

With the rising number of subscribers of streaming platforms, a study was conducted to understand what led to such demand for streaming websites among people.

A lot of reasons were provided by people why they subscribed to a particular streaming website; however, the ones mentioned in this list are the major and most common answers that people provided to researchers.

Hence, the list starts with the most common answer and moves onto other reasons cited by people. Take a look!

Less expensive TV service

One of the most common answers that people provided during the study was that opting for a particular streaming website or websites is a lesser expensive alternative than traditional TV services. People used to spend a lot of time in front of the TV and before such platforms were introduced, an individual or a household used to pay a significant amount of money for acquiring TV services.

For example, Netflix is one of the best when it comes to a monthly or annual payments. It costs like plans: Rs. 250, Rs. 500, Rs. 650, Rs. 800 for a month and even lesser for people who opt for annual schemes.

Hence, if a person is looking to save money, then opting for a less expensive streaming website is the way to go.

Limited or no commercials

People never liked watching commercials when they are watching their favourite TV series or movies. Ads are a distraction that ruins most people’s mood to watch something with utmost interest.

However, in the traditional way of watching TV means one has to sit for ads to finish till their program returns.

Most online streaming sites allow their users to watch a movie or so, without any hindrance from advertisements. There are some options where one can opt for an ad-free plan if you don’t like their limited commercial schemes. A person just has to choose the correct platform and subscribe to plans that is suitable to him/her. 

Exclusive and other content

Certain online streaming platforms are doing a remarkable job of bringing original and exclusive content that is available nowhere else. With the increasing popularity of such original movies and TV series, people can enjoy certain things that are available nowhere else.

Also, these are high-quality content that permits users to enjoy every minute of them watching it. To have access to such content and fulfill their desire of watching them is what drives regular people and also celebrities like Allu Arjun to subscribe to online streaming websites.

Easy canceling available

Another reason for people to subscribe is that an individual can cancel a subscription at any given time. For example, people after using a movie streaming sites, if not satisfied, he/she can cancel it immediately. There is no long procedure that needs to be followed that will lead to account cancellation.

To cancel an account and stop further payment, one simply has to visit his/her account and choose the option that states account cancellation.

Upon clicking it, the website might ask about the reason for canceling the services and then offer you step by step process that will complete cancellation. This is how people can cancel a streaming service for most available platforms.

Playback control

Quite a number of people have stated that they enjoy the playback control of the content. This flexibility is not available for most traditional TV services.

Having this feature means that an individual can play and pause any movie, TV series, etc. at any given time without worrying about missing any portion. These are some of the reasons people have stated during a study that helped in knowing the reasons for the rising subscription of online streaming websites.

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