Explained: When Karnataka Hijab Controversy Start, and How Did It All Spread, Everything You Need To Know

why karnataka banned hijab-explained

Hundreds of students from different schools in Karnataka staged a protest on Tuesday over the alleged row involving a student and her school for not allowing her to wear a hijab. the students, who gathered at the state secretariat in Bengaluru, raised slogans against the BJP-led government and demanded the resignation of education minister Manish Kumar Singh. They also wanted the state to introduce a policy to permit Muslim girls to wear hijabs in schools.

How did the row start?

Muslim girl students of the state-run PU College in Karnataka’s Udupi contended on Saturday, January 1st, 2022, that they were denied entry into the classroom for wearing hijab.

Allegedly, Principal Rudra Gowda didn’t permit them to wear hijab within the classrooms. Gowda said the rule was being followed to make sure uniformity in classrooms.

On January 3rd, a batch of college students in Karnataka’s Koppa district wore saffron scarves protesting allegedly against allowing Muslim women to wear hijab inside the classroom.
The students of the government-run college in Balagadi village claimed that if the hijab was allowed outside, also saffron scarves might be sported too.

Meeting, Kick Happen Over Hijab Row

On Wednesday, January 19th, a gathering was conducted between students, parents, government officers, and also the academy operation of the state-run PU College in Karnataka’s Udupi, with the hope of solving the issue of Hijab row.

Still, in keeping with those that shared within the meeting, no conclusion was reached.

The very next day, the five girls began protesting outside the academy. They held posters as an indication of kick against the choice to not allow them to attend classes while wearing hijabs.

Govt Sets Up Expert Panel to Interrupt Hijab Row

On January 26th, the Karnataka government founded an expert commission to resolve the issue involving hijabs inside classrooms. it absolutely was blazoned that everyone girl should cleave to invariant rules until the commission’s recommendations came.

On January 31st, a writ solicitation was filed within the Karnataka court by a Muslim girl from Udupi seeking a protestation that wearing a hijab could be a abecedarian right.

Different Styles of Muslim Women Headers

Hijab row protest spread to Shivamogga District

Another hijab row broke out at Bhadravati in Karnataka’s Shivamogga district on Wednesday, February 2nd. Students of the Sir MV Government college protested against certain students wearing hijabs within the classroom.

Hindu Groups ‘FORCE’ boys to wear Saffron Roquelaures

On February 4th, allegations surfaced that Hindu groups were‘ forcing’ boys to wear saffron roquelaures in pre-university council classrooms in Udupi.

per reports, this incident happened indeed after Muslim girls within the college removed their hijabs before entering the category. the pinnacle master interposed within the touch stop Hindu outfits from administering a ‘saffron capelet crusade’.

Dravida Munnetra Kazhagan (DMK) MP Senthil Kumar, representing Tamil Nadu’s Dharmapuri constituency, raised the Karnataka hijab row in Parliament on the identical day.

He sought to grasp why students wearing hijab weren’t allowed to attend classes. He prompted the central government to require action within the matter.

Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Saturday, February 5th, held a gathering with Primary and educational activity Minister BC Nagesh and top government officers, regarding the government’s stage on the continued hijab row.

Post the meeting, the Karnataka government asked educational institutions to follow the livery-related rules, until the supreme court came out with an order in this regard.

Girls Stage Strike After Not Being Allowed to Groups With Hijab

On Monday morning, February 7th, three students wearing hijabs walked into Kalavara Varadaraj government College in Koteshwara city of Karnataka.
Upon seeing this, other students began wearing saffron roquelaures as an indication of kick. The principal induced them to not wear the saffron roquelaures and that they entered. The principal asked the women to get rid of their hijabs too.

Not willing to budge, the three girls with hijabs walked out of the school.
On an identical day, an outsized number of students in Mandya district of Karnataka turned up to varsity wearing saffron roquelaures and chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’

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